User Data

This site collects a small amount of personal data, as well as the results of your text analyses. We take the security, privacy, and portability of your data very seriously, and you can read more about it here.

Your Data

As you analyze data here, you accumulate a record of your actions on the site. These include your user account preferences, the datasets that you save, and (for a brief period, before they are deleted) the files that are produced containing the results of your analyses. None of this data is exported, shared with advertisers (or any other third parties), or used for any purpose other than to do exactly the sorts of analysis tasks that are the reason you’re here in the first place. You may see all of this data on the website itself – no items of data are collected that are not displayed to the user (e.g., in your lists of datasets and analysis tasks).

If you would like to export all of your data, you may request such an export by clicking the button near the bottom of your user account page. Your data will be packaged up as a .ZIP file and made available for download. We endeavor to export this data in machine readable formats (particularly JSON) that could, with little effort, be imported into any of a variety of other text-analysis systems.

Removing Your Account

If you delete your account (by selecting that option on the user account page), all data pertaining to your user account will be deleted. You will not be emailed or contacted further, and no record of your having visited the site will remain here.


We save a small cookie to your computer to track whether or not you’ve logged in, and it will hang around if you check “Remember me” on the login form. Read more about cookies here.